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Allen Bradley PLC - MicroLogix 1500, MicroLogix Controller

MicroLogix 1500 Controller

The MicroLogix 1500 controller is a world-class programmable logic control platform with
even more advanced features and performance than the MicroLogix 1200 controller. Many of
these features allow this controller to be used in applications where much larger controllers
were required in the past.
MicroLogix 1500 architecture features an innovative two-piece design with a small footprint.
The processor and base units slide together to form the complete controller. The processor
and base are independently replaceable, allowing you to maximize your embedded I/O,
memory, and communication options while minimizing inventory stocking costs.
Bulletin 1769 Compact I/O modules expand the controller’s embedded I/O offerings and
provide the additional flexibility to cover a wide range of applications. This
high-performance modular and rackless I/O platform provides front accessibility for removal
and insertion. Removable terminal blocks further lower the total system cost by reducing
start-up and maintenance time.
New features are provided with an enhanced user interface that uses function files to
consolidate programming parameters. This simplifies the user interface and increases
controller performance.
The MicroLogix 1500 controller includes all the features of the MicroLogix 1200 controller,
plus more.

MicroLogix 1500, MicroLogix Controller, Allen Bradley, Allen Bradley PLC, AB PLC

Advantages for the MicroLogix 1500 Controller
(in addition to MicroLogix 1200 controller features)
? Large memory to solve a variety of applications.
1764-LSP: 7 KB user program capacity (3.65 KB User Program with 4 KB User Data)
1764-LRP:14 KB user program capacity (10 KB User Program with 4 KB User Data)
? Mode switch for Run/Remote/Program.
? MicroLogix 1500 controllers using the 1764-LRP processor, can perform time based or
event triggered data logging. This allows the controller to store data records with
optional time stamp in a separate 48 Kbyte memory area for later analysis (for
example, trending and I/O status during alarm condition data).
? Recipe storage (up to 48 KB that is deducted from Data Logging memory), that is
accessible by your ladder program, enabling quick and easy batch changes of
program data for timers, counters, and other data types.).
? High performance expansion I/O options (up to 16 modules by using an additional
bank of expansion I/O and expansion power supply).
? There is an additional Channel 1 configurable isolated RS-232 communication port on
the 1764-LRP processor (for peer-to-peer and SCADA/RTU networks, DH-485,
DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP).
? Battery for nonvolatile user program and user data (built-in and optional
? Optional data access tool (1764-DAT) allows a user to change integer and bit values
within the controller, or optionally protect these elements for monitor only.
? Eight high-speed inputs (for controllers with 24V dc inputs) that can be used
individually as latching (pulse-catch) inputs, event interrupts, or alternately combined
in groups of four (0...3, and 4...7) as two 20 kHz high-speed counters featuring eight
modes of operation.
? Two high-speed outputs that can be configured as 20 kHz pulse train output (PTO) or
as pulse width modulated (PWM) outputs (available on controllers with embedded
24V dc outputs).
? Removable terminal blocks on all MicroLogix 1500 base units and I/O modules
enable pre-wiring.


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